Another sad story.

My name is Elliott Graves, and my family has a problem: we go missing.

Starting with my great-great-grandfather, Percival Pryce Graves III, every first-born male in my family has disappeared at the age of 27. My grandmother used to joke about it, calling it the “Graves Family Curse” and warning me to “beware ‘The 27,'” and even despite my abandonment issues, I always found it amusing. I mean, how could that happen again, right? It was just one of those coincidental cosmic jokes, and my father was just some dirtbag, and perhaps he inherited his father’s issues, and so on.

That was, until my brother disappeared. My father I could deal with, as I was a mere two years old when he left, far too young to even remember his face in detail. But my brother? He and I were tighter than glue. We never had any of those petty squabbles other siblings are prone to, we hung out with each other more than we did other friends, and we told each other everything. And that’s what made it all the more baffling when one day, just a few weeks into the 27th year of his life, he just…wasn’t there.

He was healthy, in mind and body. He didn’t have any enemies, so I don’t know why anyone would hurt him. And he showed no signs of leaving, as he had just accepted a high-paying job at Widmore Industries. So, then, what happened to him? Why did he disappear on his 27th birthday, just like everyone else? And if I found him, would I find my father too?

So I started to look. I started to find connections. I went through my grandfather’s things, and my father’s things, and my brother’s things. I found documents, letters, obscure references, all leading back to one person: Simeon Hobbes.

Who is he? What is his connection to my family? And how is it that he’s seemingly been around for 100 years?

These questions haunt me everyday, and I’ve made it my life’s mission to answer them. Not only for my brother, but for me. I turn 27 in 2 months, and I don’t want to know what happens when I do. Not before I find out what happened to everyone before me, that is.

So yeah, that’s who I am. I’m Elliott Graves, and I’m going to find my brother.


49 Responses to “Another sad story.”

  1. beobal Says:

    Eilliott, are you concerned for your safety? If the curse of the “Graves Family Curse” only affects the first born males, and appears to have already been visited on your brother, what leads you to believe anything will happen to you when you turn 27?

    • whoissimeonhobbes Says:

      You bring up a good point. But who’s to say that’s the rule? My brother and I are a bit of a rarity, as my father had a sister, my grandfather was an only child and my great-grandfather’s three brothers died before they reached the age of 27. So who knows?

      Then again, I don’t really believe in curses. It might not have anything to do with being the “first born.” But there’s something to it, and if it’s not by order of birth, it’s most definitely the age.

  2. TandyQ Says:

    Sounds more like he’s trying to find his brother, but still has concerns about what could possibly happen. You never know about these curses!

  3. Gamingtrevor Says:

    Have you heard of Dharma?… Follow the past.

  4. Molke Says:

    Elliot, do you have any ideas so far who might be the person called simeon Hobbes? Any clues why a guy called epithetalpha tells his followers on Twitter that he likes the side ?

  5. Mari Says:

    27 herons flew over Lake Apopka this morning, crying out a name I could not understand.

  6. Chandra Says:

    Anything we can do to help??

  7. Dkelly1916 Says:

    Sir, are you familiar with valenzetti’s work? There may be a way to shift 27.

  8. Erik Assmus Says:

    Well, you have two months, lots you can find out in that time. You don’t happen to have any more information do you? How did they meet this Simeon Hobbes? He has a twitter, do you know of this?

  9. Jacalyn Moffat Says:

    He probably followed Jacob to the Island. The point is, was it his fate or did he go by his own free will?

  10. Phil Says:

    The question is, is this really a Lost ARG or not?

  11. sabrinabarren Says:

    Do “Jacob” or “Aidoneus” ring any bells?

    How do you plan to find your brother?

    Does the number 27 hold any other significance for you?

  12. Jack Walsh Says:

    have you tried investigating into Widmore Industries? Maybe they know your brother’s last whereabouts?

    but be careful though, those guys play hardball when it comes to guarding secrets…

  13. Rza Says:

    Elliot – In 1980, a hydrogen bomb was potentially detonated on a mysterious island. The people who detonated the bomb were from the year 2007, but had travelled back in time to 1980 (their friends who also travelled back in time went to 1977, but were there for 3 years before the others came). Anyway, 1980 to 2007 is 27 years. This information may help you in your search.

    • Lucious Says:

      If you are going to play along with a fake, at least get the canon right.

      They got there in 1974 and stayed 3 years.

      The bomb went off in July 1977.

    • gfordbob Says:

      it was detonated in ’77 or why would Sawyer want to put money on the ’78 superbowl, duh! πŸ™‚

  14. bloggymama Says:

    Are you Aidoneus?

  15. zort70 Says:

    Elliott do you need any help in locating your brother ?

  16. Edani Says:

    I’d suggest you start keeping people nearby, to constantly watch you. Set up a web cam or vid cam somewhere, get a GPS app for your phone and connect it to someone else. Make sure someone can find you at all times.

    Unless, of course, it’s Fate. If that’s the case then…well, you’re boned. Simeon seems to like the idea of Fate. Send a postcard when you get to Disappeared-Land!

  17. Derek Says:

    Numerology is nothing more than patterns in chaos; guiding our lives just as the imaginary lines between stars that make constellations. Good luck, Elliott.

  18. DarrellEW Says:

    Why don’t you just trust in Jacob?

  19. BD Says:

    Well Elliot, I think the awareness you have for this number is enough to keep you out of harms way. Its up to you not to let this number curse your future. I believe someone has taken advantage of YOUR familys awareness for this number and is exploiting your fears. Stay focused. Youll find your brother.

  20. PHONY Says:

    this is FAKE!!!

  21. Albert Says:

    Elliot, Do you know if Simeon Hobbes has any connection with Widmore Industries? and did your father and grandfather ever find work at Widmore Industries?

    Sorry for your loss btw.

  22. Roscoe Says:

    You said your brother disappeared when he turned 27. How many years ago was this?

  23. Dkelly1916 Says:

    When did you see your brother?

  24. Juliet Says:

    Let me know if I can help, Elliot.

  25. Dkelly1916 Says:

    Sorry, that guys cool, eliott I don’t believe a word YOU’RE saying. There, I feel better.

  26. Sumo! Says:

    Hmm..I’m 27th on this list..does that mean I’ll dissappear? πŸ˜‰

  27. Logan Says:

    Comment 27: Ille qui nos omnes servabit

  28. rtg Says:


  29. intersect Says:

    2 words: Buddy System. watch out for yourself, also, I’d think its more someone else acting on the basis of a number than the number itself haunting you.

  30. OneTrueWay Says:

    A wordpress blog? Whatever it takes to rally the people. Let’s see their sympathy for you in two months, Elliott.

  31. A Choice « #LostARG: Are you a Candidate? Says:

    […] and @NamastexD. Shortly thereafter, this tweet was added, claiming the brother mentioned in Elliott Graves’ blog post did not exist. Direct messages were sent to these individual, but their content (as of yet) has not […]

  32. Nick Macmanus Says:

    Two interesting points.

    Comic con is in 2 months, July 24-27th, as is, apparently, Elliott’s birthday.

    1977+27=2004, the year that Oceanic 815 first crashed on the Island.

    1977 is of course the year of the Incident.

    I’m just sayin’.

  33. Merzmensch aka kosmopol Says:

    Sorry for your brothers disappearance…

    Do you perhaps know, what exactly has he worked on at Widmore industries?

  34. mister.dante Says:

    What is your brother’s name ?

  35. Fluying Says:

    Any pattern can be defeated by meeting HIM. you should find the way to him.

  36. knightsintodreams Says:

    did you call the authorities when he went missing? did anyone? did his work notice that he went missing? who picked up the slack?/ or are they giving you the run-around…

  37. briscoe Says:

    This is the comment number 27

    Be careful

  38. ? Says:


  39. David Says:

    This is why no one should ever take jobs at Widmore or Hanso or some shit. Dodgy bunch of companies, I tell ya.

  40. quincunxxx Says:

    I hope this helps πŸ™‚

    “NATHANIAL, fatheher meant a great deal to us and we are honored you wish to follow in his footsteps. When Adomis (sic)told me what you could do, I knew you were a perfect candidate.
    However the road ahead is long. You maybe a good person in my eyes but Jacob is much harder to please. Initiation into our *blank* order is an old and sacred process and not the easiest thing to endure.
    Your first goal is to find the Phoenix. He will ask you to recite Apollo’s creed and if you answer correctly he will give you a test. Thas (sic) *blank* test is painful and deeply personal, so be prepared. This is where most peopl (sic) fail.
    Everything from then on will have to remain a secret. I wish you luck and hope to count you among our number soon.”

  41. mon Says:

    Why do you assume Simeon Hobbes is one person that has been around for 100 years? Simeon could be a name handed down the generations.

  42. Who??? Says:


  43. Your DHARMA Spy Says:

    We all went too far.

    The confession might be false.


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  45. vulanonoaluse Says:

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