Another sad story.

May 18, 2009

My name is Elliott Graves, and my family has a problem: we go missing.

Starting with my great-great-grandfather, Percival Pryce Graves III, every first-born male in my family has disappeared at the age of 27. My grandmother used to joke about it, calling it the “Graves Family Curse” and warning me to “beware ‘The 27,'” and even despite my abandonment issues, I always found it amusing. I mean, how could that happen again, right? It was just one of those coincidental cosmic jokes, and my father was just some dirtbag, and perhaps he inherited his father’s issues, and so on.

That was, until my brother disappeared. My father I could deal with, as I was a mere two years old when he left, far too young to even remember his face in detail. But my brother? He and I were tighter than glue. We never had any of those petty squabbles other siblings are prone to, we hung out with each other more than we did other friends, and we told each other everything. And that’s what made it all the more baffling when one day, just a few weeks into the 27th year of his life, he just…wasn’t there.

He was healthy, in mind and body. He didn’t have any enemies, so I don’t know why anyone would hurt him. And he showed no signs of leaving, as he had just accepted a high-paying job at Widmore Industries. So, then, what happened to him? Why did he disappear on his 27th birthday, just like everyone else? And if I found him, would I find my father too?

So I started to look. I started to find connections. I went through my grandfather’s things, and my father’s things, and my brother’s things. I found documents, letters, obscure references, all leading back to one person: Simeon Hobbes.

Who is he? What is his connection to my family? And how is it that he’s seemingly been around for 100 years?

These questions haunt me everyday, and I’ve made it my life’s mission to answer them. Not only for my brother, but for me. I turn 27 in 2 months, and I don’t want to know what happens when I do. Not before I find out what happened to everyone before me, that is.

So yeah, that’s who I am. I’m Elliott Graves, and I’m going to find my brother.