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7 Responses to “Attention!”

  1. Gryphon Says:

    I understand how difficult it would be for one person to run an entire ARG on their own. You did a great job with as much as you had the resources to do. Thanks for the puzzles! 🙂

  2. Al E. Apphtheti Says:

    Now now Gryphon, we wouldn’t want to think the game is over just yet.


  3. Al E. Apphtheti Says:

    thout has not seen light.

    But what? 😦


  4. Who??? Says:



  5. Sad Man Says:

    What a game… what a game…. what a game… what a game… what game… wha game… wh game… w game… gam… ga… g…


  6. Michael Says:

    I never got to play…

  7. Chaz Says:

    Dear Simeon Hobbes,

    I would like to apologize for all of my weird comments I posted this summer. They were for a game involving a mysterious LOST blogger who would blog about the latest LOST news. Obviously, it failed, so that is why I am writing this apology. If you accept my apology, please leave a comment. If you don’t…ah well, guess that failed too. Once again, I sincerely apologize for my actions this summer.


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