Aaand we’re back.

I hate business trips. In fact, when I signed up for Ajira, business trips were the last thing I expected. When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a pilot, pretty much just as an excuse to see the world, since Brooklyn was so boring. I wanted to get out of the city, fly to the opposite end of the world, and see what it was like. But as these things go, that didn’t quite work out. I ended up at the ticket booth. Thanks for flying someone else’s plane!

We’ve had a rocky couple years. That tends to happen when one of your planes goes missing whilst carrying a group of people who had already been on a plane that went missing. It was like deja vu, and it was so bad for publicity that we’ve seen a 30% drop in customers since it happened, which has been made all the worse by the current economic crisis. So PR is trying to remedy the problem via restructuring, or “relaunching the brand,” as they call it. So myself and a bunch of people had to fly down to a convention center in California, listen to a bunch of crap that we could have learned back home, and try to be better employees for the “new Ajira.”

‘That’s great and all,’ I told myself, ‘but I have better stuff to do.’ But then I experienced the weather and actually enjoyed myself.  I’m such a hypocrite.

I just got in this morning. And, apparently, you folks have found some stuff while I was away, namely, the homepage of one Niel Heisenberg, who I am sad to say appears to be missing like my dear brother. With a little help from his daughter Sara at his blog, you were led to his “personal page,” which contained a warning from someone called r33pich33p, who in turn pointed you in the direction of the Chenchey Institute of Resarch.

I’ve heard of Chenchey. I mean, who hasn’t? The up and coming scientific/humanitarian organization dedicated to the ‘betterment of mankind,’ whatever that means. They’ve had some dealings with the Hanso Foundation, and there’s been some minor controversies about them over the years, and yet the world still treats them like heroes. I don’t know what exactly this means, or how it ties into my brother’s disappearance and Simeon Hobbes, but they at least appear to have some connection to I. Theta. But why does everything seem to tie back to that?  Why is it so important? I thought Aidoneus said it wasn’t.

I’m stumped. But I did recognize a name: that of Francisco Nitti, Staff Scientist. A while back, when I was digging through Nathan’s e-mails, I found something suspicious. It was an e-mail from this very individual, and it sounded kind of threatening. It was hidden away in the Archives of Nathan’s Gmail account, and I tried to look for the e-mail(s) it was sent in response to, but I had no luck. I’m assuming Nathan deleted them.


I sent the guy an e-mail when I found it, and when he didn’t respond, I kind of just forgot about it. It was probably just a heated exchange about business, and I didn’t really want to get involved. But now that this person’s name is popping up again, I have to wonder: does this guy know something?

I tried sending him another e-mail, but with no luck. Looks like he’s away?

Maybe you’ll have more like than I did.


It’s good to be back!


38 Responses to “Aaand we’re back.”

  1. Amanda Says:

    glad to have you back, elliott! =) we’ll see what we can find for you

  2. Ryan Says:

    I’m gonna try sending Nitti an email, maybe I can dig up something about him

  3. Ryan Says:

    I just got this:
    On vacation in Angra. If you’re with the fam, check the website.

  4. Amanda Says:

    Visiting the website Ryan received from Francisco Nitti leads us to a page with a construction-themed background. In the foreground is a picture of the mouse we’ve come to know along with this: 9 ? 3 13 R.1: II At this point, the meaning of this escapes me.

    • Ryan Says:

      Hopefully I can post now, I coudn’t for a while for some reason!

      I’m wondering if the construction site is the Swan construction site, but I can’t tell whether it is or not…

  5. env420 Says:

    Welcome back! Glad to see you enjoyed yourself…you hypocrite you! 😉

  6. Spireofdublin Says:

    The word stealing is written on the cranes in the background picture. Could be relevant

  7. Riddle Says:

    Hi Elliot, did you notice Frank Nitti has an homonimus mafia member born on january 27th…coincidence?

  8. Dig This! « The UNOFFICIAL LostARG: Are you a Candidate? Says:

    […] Francisco Nitti, Staff Scientist for the Chenchey Institute, have something of a history. In a new blog entry, Elliott recalls finding an email repsonse from Francisco in Nathan’s email account and, […]

  9. Ryan Says:

    Elliot, do you know anything about the 9 ? 3 13 R.1: II that was found on the Nitti site? Have you ever seen it in Nathan’s letters, emails, etc.? I’m assuming it’s a code, but it could be something that Nathan was familiar with.

  10. env420 Says:

    I found some information on a man named Virgilius Maro Grammaticus. Apparantly he formed his own language, a language in which ‘onx’ is translated to mean the number 8. This makes me wonder if the code on the construction page should read 9 8 3 13 R.1:II

    I’ve wondered (as some other have) if the R.1 means ‘row 1’. I’ve tried different ways to apply this code to the finalis site, but decoding/deciphering is not forte. 😉 Any ideas???

  11. Jon Says:

    Could it be a passage from the Bible?

    • porridgebrain Says:

      We wondered that too but neither Romans or Revelations Chapter 1 Verse 2 say anything particularly special.

    • env420 Says:

      Don’t forget about Ruth 1:2…

      “And the name of the man was Elimelech, and the name of his wife Naomi, and the names of his two sons Mahlon and Chilion, Ephrathites of Bethlehemjudah. And they came into the country of Moab, and continued there.”

  12. crimsonAngel Says:

    hey guys i think i solved it. well i know i did lol but look

    the cod was 9 ? 3 13 R.1: II

    well some ppl said that some code on that one site were letters +1 or -1 right so i did that with sum of these and got

    H(I-1) ? B(C-1) L(M-1)

    ok so from there i got stuck but i thought maybe i was on to somethin and then i remembered that one of the words missin was “is”

    so that gave H IS B L R.1: II

    so that left R.1: II and i really didnt kno what to do i remembered the repeated words and i thought maybe r=repeated? well i took the R.1 to maybe mean *repeated first* and II to mean either second letter in repeated words or use a letter twice and i got “o” since the repeated words second letters are all “o” anyways!

    so i got

    and that doesnt make any sense so maybe it was a mistake lol but it looked like it made some sense so i added a d and got this!

    looks like the pic we already seen but at least i finally solved osmethin this is the first thing i ever solved in an arg lol yay! closest i got was a password in TLE on sublymonal site but everyone got that before me anyway lol oh and i figured out conspiraspies in that photoshop pic but someone else got that 2.

    so there u go! i’ll post that in that website too later
    later from crimsonAngel
    ESPANA!!! 🙂

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    […] But… NO! Team Europe came up trumps with our saviour Crimson Angel posting his/her solution on the WISH? blog […]

  14. MaddisonAtkins Says:

    GJ CA!

    BTW new news on the chenchey site!

  15. oikon7 Says:

    Crimson Angel: RESPECT! Would have never thought of such elegant solution.

  16. Wallace Says:

    Hey saw the thing on the new site had locations maybe this would help to plot them I tried it but didn’t know how to do it so maybe u’ll all have more luck than me

  17. Darrin Says:

    Hey Elliott, found something interesting.

    When I plotted the 8 locations on the map, and found the center point, I came up with Grantfork, IL.
    The 8 points form a wheel, and when you run the “spokes” to each other, you get the center point in Grantfork. Does this town have any significance to you?

  18. confusedarger Says:

    wtf is with elliotts last tweet

  19. Jarred Says:

    Hey the last message on foodfordeath had mention of face and book and i decided to search it just in case and foudn a Chenchey group

    • porridgebrain Says:

      Oh WOW! You’re right! Search ‘Chenchy’ and you should find the group – Sara’s a member!! I’ve just joined… maybe this is the way we can connect with the ‘others’ that R33p mentioned.

      Looks like the ARG’s moved to facebook!!! How exciting! (especially since I live on there ;)!)

    • env420 Says:

      You’re right. There’s a new Chenchey group on Facebook. It looks to be formed by James Lear. Sara Heisenberg is a member, as is a new face, Jennifer Dreiser, whose sister was yet another victim of Chenchey. It’s so exciting!!!

  20. env420 Says:

    Hey Elliott. Just thinking that you may want to rummage through your brother’s stuff in search of Grantfork, IL or Highland Silver Lake, which is very close to the location. Good luck. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • env420 Says:

      “The location” meaning the midpoint where the 8 “spokes” meet. 🙂 Just thought I’d better clarify.

  21. env420 Says:

    Hey Elliott…little ol’ me again. 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that we have information from the Facebook group that the founder of the group, James Lear, may very well have info on Grantfork and other locations. I have messaged James with the 8 different location and asked for his help. We will find Nathan…keep the faith! 😀

  22. Mr.Grinch Says:

    Hallo people, I have recieved a startling obituary.

    SIMEON HOBBES 1834-1867

    Simeon Hobbes, a member of the “Black Rock” slaving ship, has disappeared. He was 33.
    His family asks that you pray for him.

    The Times

    March 18, 1867

  23. Your DHARMA Spy Says:

    Don’t bother playing anymore.

    The game is over.


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