Oh, work. You house me, feed me, and then you drive me insane.

I apologize for the lack of updates, and I apologize for the broken promise. But I’ve simply been way too busy over the past few days, and I’ve not had the time do make good on either. But I have some free time today, so hopefully that will make up for it.

First, the fruits of your labor :

You folks worked really hard on that, if what filled up my comments section was any indication, and for that I thank you. I thought about this today, and I came to the conclusion that I would never be able to solve something like that on my own. How do you people do it? I have no idea, and I have no idea why you’re all so interested in helping me, but I am thankful. Again, thank you!

Anyway, on to the reply, addressed to the mysterious (and slightly obnoxious?) Aidoneus:

Thank you for your information.

Yes, I am “serious,” but I don’t know why I should have to do anything to be “rewarded.” Why are you making this so hard!? But whatever. On to the good stuff.

I remember hearing about Berne’s “death,” but I didn’t understand the significance. The media were treating him like the next Einstein, but I had never heard of him, personally. But to know that he played a part in that Sri Lanka thing with Mittlewerk, then did something to my brother, and is now on the loose after faking his death, simultaneously freaks me out and pisses me off.  Why are geniuses sometimes evil? You’d think they’d be more logical than that.

And moving on: my brother. While it’s great that you have an “inside man” and whatnot, this is what’s most important to me:  screw the intrigue, screw the secrets. My brother is alive! And as much as I want to track you down and kick you in the face for keeping this from me, Sir Aidoneus, I am just escstatic to know. Thank you, but screw you at the same time.

But I know this is too early to be celebrating. If I can trust Aidoneus, then my brother is safe, but not for long. And while I would usually be skeptical and hesitant, I feel as though I have no other choice. So I will play his game, as long as he is willing to play mine in return.

Here’s all I could find on St. Ignace:


It’s not much, obviously, but it’s all I have. And since I gave you something, Aidoneus, I expect something in return. So pay up!

But moving on: that phone call I posted yesterday. I knew there was something more to it than met the eye (ear?), and again, I thank you all for dissecting it. While what it contained was rather empty, I’m sure it must have some significance. Who would take the time to inform me of that if it had none?

And that’s all I have to say for now. Thanks for being so patient.


65 Responses to “Pandemonium”

  1. env420 Says:

    No luck finding an Attachment C??

  2. env420 Says:

    Okay Elliott. LinkedIn led us to Niel Heisenberg’s profile. On this profile he linked his personal website, which contains a blog. According to a comment on his most recent blog, he is missing too. His daughter posted a comment asking him to come home. I have replied to her comment in hopes of receiving more information from her.

  3. env420 Says:

    I’m wondering if 8th Spoke is the competitors Niel talks about. They were taking ground samples at St. Ignace, which appears to be the Location G referred to in the I. Theta letter. Don’t know what that means…yet…

  4. Spireofdublin Says:

    Do you think there is anything significant in niels website? there are some family names but i guess sara is best chance of contact through the comments as you said. She aint on twitter anyway

  5. Spireofdublin Says:

    Since Niel attended the university of michigan he may have a connection with 8th spoke

    • env420 Says:

      You know, I saw that, just never connected it. If 8th Spoke are the competitors Niel and Thomas Levi speak of, then maybe Niel was an 8th spoke insider? Or perhaps he took the information he discovered at MSU and gave it to Widmore Industries. If so, he’s definitely in trouble.

      The other possibility, 8th spoke is working with Widmore. But that doesn’t seem likely to me as Hanso and Widmore are competing companies aren’t they?

  6. env420 Says:

    FlyingEngine mentioned that maybe Niel’s Random page is some sort of a clue, a message hidden within…sounds plausible.

  7. mirolius Says:

    hanso and widmore are working together now

  8. Spireofdublin Says:

    Yea i guess that could be true. Maybe there is something there that can lead us to a url within niel’s website

  9. Tristan Says:


  10. Tristan Says:*1_*1_Niel_Heisenberg_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_Y_us_19148_*1_*1_*2_*2_*2_Y_Y_*1_Relevance

  11. Tristan Says:

    Let me try that again:

  12. kalyn Says:

    Neil’s Random page is everything he likes A-Z (obviously) and he mentions his son’s name, John, his daughter’s name, Sara, and his mother’s name, Mary. But his list is missing the letter L and he never mentions his wife’s name, Loraine.

  13. DharmaAndWreck Says:

    Arrgh, Twitter booted me just as we were getting somewhere. Anyway, we figured out (or Env420 did) that the other point on the map is in the Azores. So that must be where this “resonance” is emanating from. The document also mentions that a closer “location F” was considered first. Since the Azores are off the N. African coast, could location F have been in Tunisia?

    • DharmaAndWreck Says:

      There are recently active volcanoes in the Azores. Does anyone remember a volcano being mentioned early in the game, or was that by one of the gamejackers?

      BTW, I think that Heisenberg’s Italian heritage might mean something. It is mentioned a lot–his education, trips to Rome with his wife etc–and the mention of Audrey Hepburn movies made me think of Roman Holiday. So is that where he went?

    • DharmaAndWreck Says:

      The first point of course is St. Ignace, by Lake Michigan, 3-400 KM north of Ann Arbor. So how are these two places connected, and what is this resonnance? How can it be exploited or even measured from a point thousands of miles away? We’re told that at location G it will take 27 days to “stabilize the fluctuations”, which would apparently only take 12 days at location F (possibly Tunisia). So what makes him recommend G anyway, even at a much higher cost?

      From Wikipedia:
      “In quantum physics, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that certain pairs of physical properties, like position and momentum, cannot both be known to arbitrary precision. That is, the more precisely one property is known, the less precisely the other can be known.”

      A final stray thought: Eileithyia (Niel’s boat) is a Roman goddess of childbirth, much like Tawaret (the statue on the island) in Egyptian culture. Does Heisenberg’s research have anything to do with fertility?

  14. env420 Says:

    I never noticed the letter L was missing, that’s gotta mean something!

  15. Spireofdublin Says:

    Well spotted kalyn. I tried urls to do with loretta but no luck

  16. diszaster Says:

    Elliott, don’t know if you saw, but Neil might be missing too. His daughter posted a comment to his blog, wondering where he is. it been a few weeks….

  17. Tao808 Says:

    alright, i may be behind, and for that im sorry. moving on. at there is a link to the hanso foundation’s website, which is a statement from Alvar Hanso which states some of his regrets, things he learned, and his aim to reorganize the foundation to be more transparent. the two interesting things about it are these.
    1-at the bottom, there are a series of characters that my computer can’t make out but are there
    2-in the source code, there is a link to Rachel Blake is mentioned in the letter. can’t figure out anything past this

    • Amanda Says:

      I checked out these characters before. It seemed to me that these are logos or something of the sort, for the companies listed at the very bottom of the letter.

  18. Tristan Says:

    It looks like Niel has spent a lot of time in Italy. Maybe he has a connection to Valenzetti?

  19. env420 Says:

    Pygmalion, Niel’s favorite play, is another name for Adonis…interesting eh?

  20. J4a8s15s16o23n42 Says:

    anyone know what fish this is??

    i get it when searchin urls wit loretta

  21. Applekeeep Says:

    Alright, I think we need to try some more URLs. I tried a lot of mythology ones since those seem to be recurring themes in his random thing and some Lost words but got nothin. Fishing and sailing seem to be recurring themes in his blog though so does anyone know any words that have to do with those?

    Oh and is this reminding anyone of the Beast?
    Missing guy? Check.
    Website for that guy with sailing-related stuff? Check.
    Trying to find his “personal” page with clues from his site? Check.

    Could be ripoff, could be homage, could be coincidence..but I think there’s something on the site we need to use as a URL to find his personal page.

  22. Applekeeep Says:

    Been refreshing Niel’s LJ, just noticed sara replied to the comments
    could be a faker though since it’s anonymous

  23. Spireofdublin Says:

    There may be a url that contains these worries sara mentions

  24. env420 Says:

    I think the url is going to be hidden in another part of the website…at least that’s our experience so far right?

  25. env420 Says:

    Sara Heisenberg says that her father’s list of worries may still be on the website, but under a different title. She suggests trying different variations of her father’s three favorite things…Mediterranean mythology, fishing and sailing.

  26. Applekeeep Says:

    Thought I’d try some sea gods:

    * Poseidon
    * Oceanus
    * Ceto
    * Nereus
    * Glaucus
    * Thetis
    * Amphitrite
    * Tethys
    * Triton
    * Ophion
    * Proteus
    * Phorcys
    * Pontus
    * Oceanids
    * Nereids
    * Naiads

    None of them worked. Grr.

  27. Another Lost Soul « The UNOFFICIAL LostARG: Are you a Candidate? Says:

    […] beginning to worry that maybe Elliott has gone the way of his brother and disappeared. But a new blog entry last night put over worries to rest and us firmly back in the […]

  28. porridgebrain Says:

    Have also been trying lots of possible .htm URLS using names and information from the blog but found nothing yet…

    Have also emailed Niel in the hope that maybe he is in hiding and not truely missing and able to make contact.

    Good luck everyone!

  29. mirolius Says:

    some ideas:
    – it’s not the firts time we’ve been seeing some Alice’stuff: remember the white rabbit….( my name is Alice, so i noticed..)

    – the volcano is a reference Arielle Rieux twitters me few days ago: (keep a eye on the volcano) why did she say volcano? in fact i both speak french and spanish, but i think she shouldn’t know that!)

    -Niel spend a lot in Italia: he must speak italian and LATIN !!!!!

    – Mozart and the B# key: so much too say….

    -seems that the widmore are losing lots of colaborators (but they like to travel a dangerous way: Henri in baloon, now Niel on a boat…., it’s strange maybe Niel could have meet Desmond on a race………

    • env420 Says:

      Airelle Rieux is not part of the WISH? arg…if anything, she’s just a player.

      • chandrahasa Says:

        i’m still unsure about what role Arielle is going to play in the future of the game but i’m kinda hopeful. for now she’s a random character, but i’m following her. she sent me a DM the other day with a bunch of reading recommendations. her style isn’t the same as the other players’, but maybe that’s the idea?

        she tweets a lot and seems committed to sending people clues. and she has that sekhmet avatar and knows about some of the game’s themes and clues before they’re revealed to us.

  30. Doc M Daysleeper Says:

    having no joy with URLs based on sea gods, locations of shrines to the gods, children of the gods, etc.. etc

    tried words associated with alice in wonderland-again no joy


  31. Doc M Daysleeper Says:

    tried taking all the capital letters from the random pages (the ones with the ABC stuff) in case there was a code hidden in there

    I cant find anything in there maybe you guyz can


  32. env420 Says:

    Niel’s list of worries has been found by anne_wintermute. There is a link that leads to the red herring picture and another that leads to a message Niel received from r33pi ch33p (reepicheep?):

    “they’re coming for you, & if i was you i’d run
    you know something about them
    but i know something about you too

    mean anything to you?
    ‘course it does.”

    It was sent to him on the morning of May 8.

  33. env420 Says:

    Can we post yet?

  34. env420 Says:

    Okay, for some reason it’s not letting me post the link. So, the word were we all needing was pisces. Wonder why I can’t post with a link…

  35. anne_wintermute Says:

    I think it’s reading it as spam for some reason

  36. mirolius Says:

    Anne_Wintermute ::
    I just got a reply from r33pich33p!:

    “i know more than him,
    & he’s a scientist.
    but where’d he go? hopefully he ran like i told him to
    47 57 66 56 27 e6 27 86 56 96 36 56 56 e6 86 56 16 36 37 37 96 97 36 f6 86 47 47

    email to him:
    “Hello Mr. R33pich33p:
    I’m looking for Niel Heisenberg, it seems he disappeared recently and his family is quite worried about him.
    I know you wrote to him recently warning him about his involvement with the I theta project, do you know anything else about that project that might explain why he’s missing?

    I hope you do,

    • Steff Says:

      if you reverse each pair of numbers/letters (ex. 47 – 74, …, e6 – 6e, …)
      you get:

      • diggingforanswers Says:

        where did you get those letters from?

      • diggingforanswers Says:

        nevermind…slow mind today. I figured it out.

      • Steff Says:

        i translated the “reversed” numbers from HEX

        and sorry, there is a mistake.. instead of “6” it should be “c”

        dont know if this is an anagram yet..

  37. brandford Says:

    numbers reversed and then translated with hex gives you:


    i’m beetting there’s some words in there. anyone have any ideas?

  38. Lurkyloo Says:

    Some words I see in there..

    i theta

    Will post if i see anything else

  39. env420 Says: is also there…wonder if it’s another website??

  40. Steff Says:

    tufernrheiceenheacssiycohtt = further enhance society ethics

  41. porridgebrain Says:

    Hi all – just woke up and checked my email and I got a reply from r33pich33p too – just thought I’d post it here, even though we’ve already got the numbers:

    “don’t know about nathan, but i know about niel.

    where is he? even if i knew i’d never tell

    47 57 66 56 27 e6 27 86 56 96 36 56 56 e6 86 56 16 36 37 37 96 97 36 f6 86 47 47

  42. HIM Says:

    We’re all candidates.

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