Do you ever just feel…at peace? Not really approaching any of the emotional extremes, but just calm?

That’s how I feel today, and I don’t really know why. When I think about how I should feel, it occurs to me that I should be teetering on the brink of absolute anxiety and welcomed relief. Anxiety because this mess I’ve gotten myself into is way beyond what I ever imagined, and relief because my brother is apparently OK…for now.

Maybe I’ve struck a balance. And that’s alright with me, even if it does strike me as being a bit ominous. I just hope it isn’t the calm before the storm.

I have to thank everyone who dug through the 8th Spoke’s website yesterday, and Aidoneus for sharing his wisdom, even if he doesn’t exactly make it easy to get to. And while I certainly have a lot of stuff to say about that, I’ll save it for tomorrow. For now, I just want to take a breather, just in case things get tumultuous as we go on ahead.

With that said, something did strike me as odd today, but I could just be imagining things. I received a message at 7:27 AM from an unknown caller, and while it could easily be a messed up telemarketing call, I thought it might be something important. So I saved it, to see what you folks thought of it. You can download it/listen to it here. It’s shrill, sure, but there was something comforting about it.

Anyway, that’s all I really have to say today. I’m going to spend the rest of the day thinking and digging through papers, and if I find anything out about St. Ignace, you’ll be the first to know.


133 Responses to “Silence”

  1. env420 Says:

    That certainly is a very odd call…wonder if there’s a message encoded in it…

  2. env420 Says:

    Oh, and thanks for giving us the night off…unless we end up working all night trying to decode the message encoded in the call…let’s get to work fellas!

    • env420 Says:

      The night off! HA! Was I wrong or what?!? 😉 I needed a fix though, that’s for sure. Good luck sifting through paperwork.

  3. Jay Says:

    Hmmm…perhaps we need to get the numbers from the dial tones?

    Someone else do it. =p

  4. DharmaAndWreck Says:

    I wonder if the file name holds a clue? 727Message395. 7.27 is the time of course, but what about the last three digits?

  5. MadAriad Says:

    I’m not sure what the numbers are but I’ll see if I can figure it out.

  6. karen Says:

    is there a way to save the file? or can we only play it? there’s a website that will read the tones and convert them…

  7. Tristan Says:

    The numbers are 9*369*839362622

  8. env420 Says:

    Okay, I got the numbers… 9[5]369[5]839362622, not 100% sure on the 5s but it’s the closest I could get…

  9. env420 Says:

    Oh, okay, so the * key was pushed, not the 5…?

  10. Tristan Says:
    Can anyone make anything of that? BTW, I’m tgosnell on Twitter in case you are following #wish27.

  11. Ryan Says:

    So is there any meaning to the numbers?

  12. Spireofdublin Says:

    Mayber the numbers can be converted to letters and the stars are spaces between words? Well done with getting the numbers by the way

  13. MarcusFenixDown Says:

    Wow congrats on the numbers. I cant make sense of it but i did notice that the last four digits are 2622, which correspond to the letters ABC and MNO on a keypad respectively. The 8 Spoke site got me thinking since it ends in that maybe this is a url. Because if 2=c 6=o 2=c 2=6 then you get same url thingy.

  14. MarcusFenixDown Says:

    here’s the possibilities i found going by tristan’s numbers

    anyone make any words out of that??

  15. karen Says:

    maybe the “9*3” at the beginning is “www”? not sure how the next * would figure into it though….

  16. Gary Says:

    Maybe ?

  17. Ryan Says:

    The only interesting thing I can see is that 3 and 9 appear a lot, and when multiplied they = 27

  18. MarcusFenixDown Says:

    OK i’m going to put the letters together in possible ways that might make sense

    1. WXYZ and * are exluded because they don’t really make sense!
    2. FO and DO , EN, and EM from 3&6 could go together
    3. Starting to wonder if 9 and * are red herrings because the only possibilities when putting them together with the ones i mentioned bring back FOW, FOX, FOY, FOZ, DOW, DOX, DOY, DOZ, and the EN and EM ones don’t even make sense…
    4. skipping to 8&3 all we can use for a word is prboably TE, VE, etc.
    5. again 9 but i dont know
    6. another grouping of 3&6 which was FO, DO, EN, EM
    7. and the 2622 which i think might be

    so assuming 9 and * are red herings i got

    so i dunno maybe we are meant to fill in blanks? or mix around the letters from those to make something

    anyone see any words there for a url

  19. Riddle Says:

    today is 27th do you think there might be a clue in
    we might have overlooked something there

  20. Spireofdublin Says:

    if you multiply 9 x 369 x 839362622 you get 309724807518. Maybe we have to do something with those numbers?

  21. anne_wintermute Says:

    The only sense I can make of the *’s is that 9 x 3 equals 27 and 9 x 8 = 72 which is 27 backwards… not sure how that helps though

  22. Spireofdublin Says:

    2787523267662 is the correct total i apologise. Gary is right

  23. Ryan Says:

    /-1 / -1 / – / – / -1 / -1 / -1 / – / -1 / – / – / – / – /

    is in the source code, any ideas?

  24. diggingforanswers Says:

    the source code has “-1’s” and such…take a look

  25. Goblin Says:

    Just throwing out this idea, it probably won’t work. Maybe 1=a 2=b 3=c 4=d etc. When I did that I got this I C F I H C I C F B F B B and maybe we could possibly have to work with these letters.

  26. MadAriad Says:

    I ran the -1 s and -s from the page source as binary but that doesn’t make anything. Anyone know if it might be morse code?

  27. Ryan Says:

    There are 13 numbers, and there are 13 “things” in the source code, maybe we need to subtract 1 from each corresponding number?

  28. MadAriad Says:

    Not morse code.

  29. kalyn Says:

    maybe we need to divide. if this(*) means multiply then maybe this(/) means to divide. just a thought

  30. Tristan Says:

    Where is /-1 / -1 / – / – / -1 / -1 / -1 / – / -1 / – / – / – / – / found? In the source for this blog post? I don’t see it.

  31. LOSTFAN88 Says:

    Maybe the -1’s mean we have to take away 1 from each of the original numbers?

    9 -1 = 8
    * = ?
    9 -1 = 8
    * -1 = ?
    8 -1 = 7
    9 -1 = 8

    That would make the numbers 8*368*738362622

    But that doesn’t work because you can’t take away from a *!

    Maybe take away that many keys on a keypad then?

    9 -1 key = 8
    * -1 key = 9
    8 -1 key = 7

    So maybe the correct sequence is 893689738362622?

    Just thinking out loud. Gonna try these as URLs!

  32. MadAriad Says:

    In the source code from

  33. Hobbit Says:

    Maybe it’s something about subtratcing 1 from all the numbers that correspond to a “-1” and changing all the numbers that correspond to a “-” to a negative?

  34. Riddle Says:

    • sdishman Says:

      Nice find Riddle, but I gotta ask, how exactly did you come up with that? I’m just scared that, with all of the “pretender” sites that have popped up, this may potentially be another one…

      • Riddle Says:

        used the numbers from lostfan88 up here and changed into letters was so excited to actually find something first I forgot to explain, sorry

      • sdishman Says:

        Oh you’re right! So subtracting -1 from *all* of them was the right tack after all! And the “* – 1 = 9” was a clever find.

        Good job you two!

  35. Riddle Says:

    aleph is the first letter in hebrew and the only novel by Jorge Luis Borges.
    other than that I´m clueless now

  36. env420 Says:

    How did you come up with that Riddle?

  37. MadAriad Says:

    Awesome you guys! Now what?

  38. Riddle Says:

    from the numbers obtained by lostfan88
    I tried:
    8 equals TUV
    9 WXYZ
    and so on…

  39. env420 Says:

    Way to go lostfan88 and Riddle!

  40. Ryan Says:

    Now what though? I tried aleph with the 8th Spoke site but it doesnt work

  41. env420 Says:

    Hey, tried the second letter in hebrew, mem…got this

  42. env420 Says:

    and the third – gimel…

  43. MadAriad Says:

    Also works with .bet.htm , another letter.

  44. anne_wintermute Says: another letter

  45. kalyn Says:

    is anyone else getting a blank screen when using these url’s?

  46. MadAriad Says:

  47. Riddle Says:

    also with letter he
    nothing in source code

  48. Riddle Says:

    same with zayin

  49. MadAriad Says:

    There are 27 letters in the hebrew alphabet. Maybe there are 27 corresponding blank pages at this site.

  50. Riddle Says:

    not blank pages with
    vav or het

    anyone trying the rest of them?

  51. env420 Says:

    Yes, I’m running through them…figured I’d wait to try all of them first instead of posting one at a time…im finding quite a few, as I’m sure you are.

  52. anne_wintermute Says:

    The ones that work are:


    I tried them all

  53. Gary Says:

    This one’s not blank.

    • karen Says:

      it’s blank for me…. nothing in the source code either…. apparently some people are getting countdowns but they don’t match? weird….

  54. Riddle Says:

    there are numerical values associated with each letter, seems a road to try

  55. anne_wintermute Says:

    This also work with alternate spelling from the ones i tried earlier


  56. MadAriad Says:

    I’m not seeing any countdowns.

  57. Hobbit Says:

    maybe the ones that work spell something…

  58. ElysiumEludes Says:

    Did ANYONE besides me and Gary see the countdown?

    • Riddle Says:

      i didn´t

    • anne_wintermute Says:

      No it was blank for me from the time I first entered the address 😦

    • kalyn Says:

      Are you talking about the the roman numerals I, II, III on

      • ElysiumEludes Says:

        no, at we both saw a countdown. Except I refreshed mine when people said they couldn’t see it and now i have a blank page too.
        Anyway, Mine said 0 days 11 : 30 and some odd seconds (counting down to 10 pm EST tomorrow night)
        Gary’s said 1 day 11 :30 and some odd seconds.

        I’d like to figure out if anyone saw it too and if they had something different….

  59. MadAriad Says:

    Maybe they count down to when the other roman numeral pics will become links?

  60. MadAriad Says:


  61. sdishman Says:

    I tried to post all the links here (there’s one for every letter thus far except the last one), but it’s rejecting my comment – probably because with all those links, it looks like spam. 🙂

    Anyways, I posted them here, if you’d like to see an exhaustive list:

  62. MadAriad Says:

    Is there more to solve here?

  63. Riddle Says:

    just curious fact there are 22 not 27 as it said in was it erroneous on purpose?

  64. MadAriad Says:

    On the wikipedia page, it looks like there are some that have more than one way of being, like kaf and final kaf. If you include the “final” ones there are 27.

  65. LOSTFAN88 Says:

    Just noticed the II and III images are called “5tamuz.jpg” and “6av.jpg”. Anyone know the significance of that?

  66. kalyn Says:

    The Hebrew letters that were found are also used by the Phoenicians in their alphabet. Also, some of the hieroglyphs used to represent the letters in the Phoenician alphabet “gave rise” to Greek letters. I don’t know if that means anything but I just thought I would let everyone know.

  67. Gary Says:

    The jpg file names were changed in the past 50 minutes, and the new names are Hebrew dates corresponding (this year) to June 27th and July 27th.

  68. MadAriad Says:

    So do we have to wait a month to find out what’s going on? :- S

  69. bloggymama Says:

    Morning all – just been catching up. Damn my need to sleep!! NONE of the links are working for me!!! Will try again later – really hoping it’s just a temporary fault.

    Did anyone save any screen shots??

    Great work as always guys!

  70. serm Says:

    Well, hope this hasn’ been written before, but just noticed:

    Thx to sdishman and his HEBREW CALENDER

    this year’s >>5 TAMUZ<>6 AV<< is July 27.

    The Hebrew Year is 5769 (no idea if this means something) but the dates are suspicous…

  71. serm Says:

    Sorry just found Gary’s comment…

  72. Please Leave Your Message After The Tone… « The UNOFFICIAL LostARG: Are you a Candidate? Says:

    […] telephone call yesterday at 7.27pm (which just happened to be May 27th btw!), saving it to his blog for us to have a listen […]

  73. bloggymama Says:

    Could some one tell me what was on the page that led you to the Hebrew Alphabet?

    Still can’t access it 😦

  74. ElysiumEludes Says:

    Hey guys,
    As was suggested by sdishman on a previous blog, can we concentrate all our work at the uF Forum?

    It is a LOT easier to follow than the comments posted here.

    • Erik Assmus Says:

      No because a lot of our progress is received by elliot, and it would be a pain for him to have to go over there and search through what is going on.

      • env420 Says:

        I bet Elliott’s already following the unfiction thread. I know I would be. 🙂

      • ElysiumEludes Says:

        Yeah, but a lot of this is wild theories and collaboration amongst ourselves. We could work over there, and post our progress here so Elliott gets all the information in a much more concise and less confusing manner.
        I think it’s a pain for him to sort through all of this here….

      • kalyn Says:

        That’s a good point.

  75. MadAriad Says:

    Ok I just signed up over at unfiction. “See” you there!

  76. env420 Says:

    Hey Elliott, I just wanted to mention, as I’ve seen no one else has (here anyway) that the website the clues led us to is registered to the same man that registered the 8th spoke website, Edmund Montgomery. Just thought it was worth mentioning. 🙂

  77. serm Says:

    Just a little timezone-check: 8:58 CET.

  78. Valis Says:


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