O Brother, Where Art Thou? On Kashyyyk?

Ah, lunch breaks. That blessed time where you take a nice long breather from your job, grab a cup of coffee with some co-workers, or just sit around for 45 minutes, dreading the inevitable return to your tiring routine. Not so with me! I was so thrown off by what I learned this morning that I absolutely had to go home, dig through my brother’s business papers, and practically beg for a lawsuit to be brought against me.

That’s right: what we have here is a super-duper top-secret Widmore Industries document. It’s so secret that my brother couldn’t even tell me about it. It’s so secret that he signed a bunch of legal papers threatening him with certain death monumental legal fees if he even spoke a word about what was contained therein. It’s so secret that…I’m going to post it because I don’t really give a crap.

So it has to be good, right?



Try as I might, I simply couldn’t dig up anything good on the fabled I. Theta Project. All I found was this measly letter, featuring some technobabble and cordial back-patting. I’m at least glad to know my brother made a friend, even if he appears to be a long-distance one. And I think it’s kind of cute that they were planning to go on a corporate retreat of some sort, though I don’t remember hearing anything about it.

I have to admit, I’m kind of disappointed. But is there anything more to this? It appears to have been sent a mere two months or so before my brother disappeared, and that brings back some sad memories. He was probably planning my birthday party that very same day, which ended up being a lot of fun, seeing as how we watched all 6 Star Wars films back-to-back and dressed up like Wookiees. We called it Wookiee Day ’06. It was awesome.

But that’s all that really comes to mind. And that bums me out.

Oh well, back to work.


49 Responses to “O Brother, Where Art Thou? On Kashyyyk?”

  1. Roscoe Says:

    Wait, hang on. There was a part in the letter that said something about a pamphlet. Maybe that pamphlet holds the answers to what I. Theta is. I would go looking around for that.

    Also, it looks like the location of I. Theta is important in the project. I guess they were trying to do something that can only be done in certain places.

    • Amy Veeres Says:

      Hardly. It’s talking about a retreat. If we’re quite lucky, it’s a tropical resort of some kind. I think you know where I’m going with this.

      ((META ALERT!!

      I think I. Theta is an attempt to replicate the discharge at the Swan from the end of season 2, or maybe even the Orchid.

      /META ALERT!!))

  2. Amy Veeres Says:

    That pamphlet. Post it. Please.

  3. ihenry00 Says:

    I have been searching and searching “people finder” databases to get in contact with Thomas Levi, but as of yet, I have come up with nothing.

  4. Lo Zeno Says:

    Wait, was your brother a fan of Star Wars?
    Kashyyyk, also known as Wookiee Planet C, Edean, G5-623, and Wookiee World: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kashyyyk

    • vidokou Says:

      No mention of and ‘location C’ in the letter
      probably just a coincidence, but the lack of ‘location C’ in the letter feels odd to me.

  5. Bobby Says:

    Still looking…Searching for Whitmore Labs, found the offical site..this new?

  6. ihenry00 Says:

    NW2 2TF

    no email otherwise i’d try to contact him.

  7. Guru88 Says:

    This has nothing to do with your post. I’m interested in one personne you are following on Twitter… TheCruxAnsata. On the 18 of May, he wrote on his page “It Begins Tomorrow” in morse code. And wrote this: 16:30:05:19:09. I think this means 4:30 pm on the 19 of May 2009. Any thoughts on this? Because it might have something to do with Simeon Hobbes…

  8. Jessica Says:


    this has to be the location. originally to get to this you had to go through the 27project website under 100 photographs gallery, where a link, 84.5.11, came up. when clicked on it lead you to this link – Jacob’s Chair. now there is a new link there that says follow and it took me back to elliottgraves’ twitter page. this location has to be connected to this letter some how. the link to Jacobs Chair was only up for a hour, until ElliottGraves posted this new blog entry.

  9. Mari Says:

    On an amused note, the Google ad beneath that map is begging me to buy discount furnishings in Salt Lake City.

  10. Bobby Says:


    Another page I found, a lot of them are turning up now…

  11. GoldIce Says:

    You gotta find that pamphlet mate. Sounds like the key to the location / nature of this whole Theta mystery!

  12. GoldIce Says:

    And can anyone make anything out of the numbers 84511? Zip code for Jacob’s Chair.

    • JD Says:

      The link from 27project.org to Jacob’s Chair was 84.5.11 and before it was a link it was just static text.

    • Justin Says:

      Jacob’s chair is the name of the Butte at that location. It’s a real place. The odds of there being a place with a name like that and a meaningful zipcode seem slim. They didn’t make that place up!

  13. captain narcolepsy Says:

    thecruxanasata left this cryptic message via twitter “i’ve managed to do it. this marks the beginning of the end.” and contained this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTsHDznClek&feature=channel_page

    it would seem the valenzetti equation is more than it would seem?

    • Locke_Bentham Says:

      Check the “related videos”, they’re all connected with hidden text, secret files.. maybe there’s hidden text in the audio of the video.. anyone tried to decode it?

  14. Amy Veeres Says:

    I don’t suppose you’ve ever met Rachel Blake? Or heard of her?

  15. Anne Kemp Says:

    On the Valenzetti website, if you click on the Life Extension Link it takes you to Amazon to a book called FANTASTIC VOYAGE Live long enough to live forever, you can read some of the pages, dont know if there is anything helpful in it yet!

  16. captain narcolepsy Says:

    @amy veeres indeed i have heard or rachel blake…or is that rachel hanzo? 😉

  17. bloggymama Says:

    Hi Elliott – has your brother got a computer? Have you had a look on there for any info i.e. emails etc? Just a thought…

  18. Wookiees and Widmore « #LostARG: Are you a Candidate? Says:

    […] and Widmore Elliott Graves has posted a new blog entry https://whoissimeonhobbes.wordpress.com/2009/05/19/o-brother-where-art-thou-on-kashyyyk/ with more info on his missing brother Nathaniel and a copy of a letter found by Elliott to his […]

  19. davwuh Says:

    blatantly fake but keep it up cause its fun

  20. Nick Macmanus Says:

    I wonder if this will be related to the ‘Lost Experience’ from 2006. I wonder if Nathan was involved with that…

  21. NRD80Y Says:

    Could this be the pamphlet?
    http://www.i-theta.org/fileadmin/images/News/FLYER_ORANGE_AND_BLUE_09OCT08_.pdf“I-ThETA, International Think Tank-Education and Training on Addiction”

  22. captain narcolepsy Says:

    new “tweet” from @fleurdenoire on twitter: dGhlIHdob2x2ZXMgYXJlIGFtb25nIHVz

    means : the wolves are among us

  23. SethCoallwrite Says:

    SethCoallwrite said…

    New Tweet by FleurDeNoire –
    dGhpcyBtYXAgd2lsbCBzaG93IHRoZW0gYW5zd2VycyBidXQgcXVlc3Rpb25zIHdpbGwgcmVtYWlu LiBtdXN0IGkgc2hvdyBpdCB0byB0aGVtLCBpYWNvYnVzPw==

    I think it’s a hoax. Still decoding with base64 (like all his tweets…)
    “this map will show them answers but questions will remain. must i show it to them, iacobus?”
    iacobus being an the old (?hebrew?latin) name Jacob…

    I really don’t think its associated with ephipetalpha or with Mr. Graves…

  24. SethCoallwrite Says:

    update: @FleurDeNoire says: “Unus Necessarius, Iacobus.” –
    One is nessesary, Jacob. (Latin)

  25. DateChris Says:

    According to Porphyry of Tyros, the Egyptians used an X within a circle (theta) as a symbol of the soul; having a value of nine, it was used as a symbol for Ennead.

    Ennead, an ancient Greek translation of the Egyptian word, Pesedjet, consists of a grouping of nine deities, most often appearing in the context of Egyptian mythology.

    The ancient Egyptians established multiple Pesedjets. The Pyramid Texts, originating in the fifth and sixth dynasty of the Old Kingdom, mention the Great Pesedjet, the Lesser Pesedjet, the Dual Pesedjet, plural Pesedjets, and even the Seven Pesedjets.

    Perhaps, then I. Theta means “First Ennead” or “Great Pesedjet”?

  26. DateChris Says:

    More about the “Great Pesedjet”: The most important of the Egyptian pesedjets, the so-called Great Ennead (also called the Heliopolis Ennead), consisted of Ra, his children Shu and Tefnut, and their descendants Geb, Isis, Nephthys, Nut, Osiris, and Set

    It was defined in the Egyptian city of Annu (place of pillars), the Egyptian name for what the Greeks called Heliopolis (sun city), in the last dynasty of the Old Kingdom and other deities who had existed for a thousand years were ignored in order to stress the importance of this local sun deity.

    Perhaps, then, the location of I. Theta is Annu, or Heliopolis the sun city?

    • vidokou Says:

      quite possible, reading about it online this caught my attention.
      ‘According to the Heliopolitans, the first act of creation occurred when the sun god Atum, “lord of Heliopolis”, rose out of the chaos of Nun from a lotus flower and stood on a raised mound he created, the ben-ben….
      … At the time of the Pyramid Texts, Atum became identified with Re. As Atum-Re, he was connected to the Bennu bird (the phoenix).’

      • vidokou Says:

        The Bennu was the sacred bird of Heliopolis. Bennu probably derives from the word weben, meaning “rise” or “shine.” The Bennu was associated with the sun and represented the ba or soul of the sun god, Re. In the Late Period, the hieroglyph of the bird was used to represent this deity directly. As a symbol of the rising and setting sun, the Bennu was also the lord of the royal jubilee.

  27. zort70 Says:

    Elliott, have you seen this website ?


  28. gate27 Says:

    Ты лжец, Эллиот Грейвз.

    • Renko Says:

      А что если нет?
      Мы должны помочь ему.
      What if he not?
      We should help him.

  29. Jardeth56 Says:

    Ты лжец, Эллиот Грейвз =
    You’re a liar, Elliot Greyvz

  30. TheOneWhoSaw Says:

    Foucault’s Pendulum… go seek…

  31. benvyle Says:

    That website seems awfully fake.

  32. Negodaporra Says:


  33. vidokou Says:

    i is the 9th letter in the alphabet, and theta has a value of 9 as well, 9 being (3×3) apposed to 27’s (3x3x3). coincidence?

  34. bloggymama Says:

    I wonder who the ‘competitors’ bidding on Location G are – The Dhama Initiative? Or maybe the Hanso Foundation?

  35. bloggymama Says:

    Also found the mention of a ‘new compound’ interesting – what could this mean? Is this what Nathan was working on with Widmore Construction? Could this be I. Theta??

  36. Riddle Says:

    followed the panphlet, there´s an organisation I-theta that had its inaugural meeting on september, 3rd 2006 in Edinburgh.
    Was your brother leaving to be on this event? Am I too farfetched?

  37. Muffin Mercenary Says:


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